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IS12709 : 1994 FOR GRP/FRP PIPES AND FITTINGS  Fiber Tech Composite is proud to announce its one of the credentials that is receipt of IS-12709 : 1994 for FRP/GRP pipes and fittings on 4th of November 2012, which is achieved by very few companies in India. Now we are eligible to supply FRP/GRP pipes to […]


We offer a wide range of pultrusion products for the Pultrusion process. Pultrusion is a continuous, automated closed-moulding process that is cost effective for high volume production of constant cross section parts. The basic process usually involves pulling of continuous fibers through a bath of resin, blended with a catalyst and then into pre-forming fixtures […]


In This Global Worming Era, the Forests are being cut at a Very Rapid. And that’s Main Reason, All Countries Are Regulation the Forests cutting as to Save the Environment Which Effects the supply of Natural Wood. Normally, The Conventional Wooden Doors Are Being from the Natural Wood Which cans Not Be Seasoned as Per […]


Fiber Tech Grip Pipes are manufactured by widely used helical filament winding method. Grip Pipes manufactured by filament winding method utilise continuous glass strand roving impregnated with polyester resin and helically wound on rotating mandrel at a specified winding angle. The winding process is continuous in bi-directional layers until the desired wall thickness is achieved. […]

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