FRP Pultruded Sections

Reliable FRP Pultruded Sections Manufacturers

FRP Pultruded Sections
FRP Pultruded Sections Manufacturers

FiberTech Composite has been in the FRP pultruded sections manufacturing business for a long time and is now counted amongst the top FRP pultruded sections manufacturers. Our FRP pultruded sections exemplify supreme quality which is possible because our sections are crafted from tested raw material and then checked for perfection at our testing facility. We are one of the few manufacturers who have an independent quality testing facility.

Where Do We Stand in FRP Pultruded Sections Manufacturers India?

India houses some of the best FRP pultruded sections manufacturers and FiberTech Composite is proud to be in the list of the top manufacturers. We are amongst the top because of our dedication. We offer a range of FRP pultruded products that include:

  • FRP rods
  • Pultruded rectangles and squares
  • I sections
  • T sections
  • Angles and channels
  • Corner profiles

FiberTech’s pultruded sections are great because the sections have the precision that you require and the qualities that FRP is popular for. FRP lends extreme resistance to corrosion, weather, flame, etc. Apart from this, FRP pultruded sections are lightweight and also have strength that even the strong metals cannot lend. Since, FRP is non-magnetic, pultruded sections made from FRP are ideal for machines that are crafted from iron or other magnetic metals.

Why Should You Choose Us?

There are many benefits of associating with FiberTech which is one of the best FRP pultruded sections manufacturers. You get the ultimate quality products that are delivered to you on time. The precision is taken care of by our experts. When you deal with us, our team works to build a long-term relationship with you by working hard to deliver best services.

To experience our services and know more about our FRP pultruded sections, contact us at

Fiber tech Global is among prominent FRP pultruded products manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Our pultruded FRP range offers unique and excellent combination of corrosion resistivity, high strength, thermal and electrical non-conductivity, light weight and dimensional stability. Through this our consumers can avail maintenance free services in maximum severe industrial environments where conventional materials like aluminium, steel, or wooden products have failed to perform all the properties.

FRP sections are perfect substitutes to stainless steel and other expensive components. These products have high resistance to corrosion and rot. Our range of frp pultruded sections include channels, angles, I-Beams, round, wide flange beams, square tubes, flat sheets, square bars, concrete embodiment angles, etc.

Features of FRP Pultruded Products And Sections

  • Termite proof
  • Superb weather resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Rain and UV protected
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Light weight
  • Sound proof
  • Mild acid alkali proof
  • Easy to install
  • Available in any size
  • Can be repainted
  • Fire retardant
  • Marine environment resistant
  • Joint free and dimensionally stable
  • Good thermal and electrical insulation properties with non magnetic property

Fiber Tech engineers are using highest quality materials and manufacturing the pultruded range of frp profiles under stringent quality check and testing norms. We are capable of delivering bulk orders within short span of time with the help of best top class infrastructure and trained professionals.

Benefits of Using Pultruded FRP Sections

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Easy installation
  • High strength
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flame retardant

Pultrusion is cost effective process through which manufacturers produce various fiberglass reinforced composite structural profiles. These are used in applications like walkways and bridges, cable tray systems, electrical insulating sections, maintenance platforms, decks, ladder, booths, fencing and signboards, baying platforms, building and sheds, trash and bar screens, etc.

Properties of FRP Pultruded Products

Light Weight
Non Corrosive
Non Magnetic
Easy to Maintain
Easy to
Fire Retardant
Impact Resistant

Pultrusion Product Range

Pultrusion is the most cost-effective method for the production of fibre-reinforced composite structural profiles. It brings high performance composites down to commercial products such as light-weight corrosion free structures, electrical non-conductive systems, off-shore platforms and many other innovative new products.

Our pultrusion products range include round rods, rectangles, squares, ‘I’ sections, ‘T’ sections, angles, channels, dog bone profiles, dove tail sticks and spacers, corner profiles, hallow sections, etc.

Structural Shapes

Structural Shapes

Pultruded Structural Shapes are good alternative over conventional metal structural shapes & Offers ideal solution against corrosion problems failed in industrial environment.


  • walkways
  • platforms
  • columns
  • trusses
  • structural supports
  • purline



Fiber Tech has developed ladders with fiberglass or Aluminium steps to satisfy the requirement of clients. These Ladders are available in different colours & up to 35 feet length.


  • wall supported ladders
  • Stairways
  • Working Platforms
  • Monkey Ladders With or Without cage

Electrical Insulation Material

Electrical Insulation Material

Various types of pultruded arms, Rods, Flats, Corners & end pieces offers very goods electrical insulation property in combination with high mechanical strength corrosion resistance & all weather resistance for indoor & Outdoor applications. These Variety of pultruded products are available with polyester, Vinylester & Epoxy Resins.


  • Bus bar support
  • Dry type Transpormer Spacers
  • 11KV/33KV Cross Arms
  • Electrical insulation Requirements.

Consumer Product Range

Consumer Product Range

Fiber Tech has development wide range of pultruded products to offer attractive solution in industrial application & in Commercial & Consumer Product Range.


  • Door Frames
  • Storage Racks
  • Window Lineals
  • Poles etc
StrongUnit strength in tension & compression is approx. 20 x that of steel when these properties are combined on the basis of unit densityOptional strength as desired. Exceptionally high impact strength reduces damage potentialStructural process equipment support. Tank supports. Cooling tower ancillaries. Flooring supports. Trusses & joints.
Light WeightDensity of pultruded components is about 20% of steel and 60% of aluminiumHigher performance at less weight. Lower shipping, handling & installation costs. Less operational energy demand.Automotive leaf springs & bumpers. Prefabricated walkways & platforms. Bus components.
Corrosion ResistantUnaffected by exposure to a great variety of corrosive environment & chemicals.Minimum maintenance costs. Long term safety. Longer life.Chemical plant hand railings, gratings, walkways & bridges. Cable trays. Pipe supports.
Electrical InsulationProvides strength & rigidity with dielectric properties.Lesser no. of components. Non-magnetic & safe. Predictable insulation values for wide range of frequencies.Ladders, Cable trays. Switch gear components. Mounting braces and backboards.
Thermal InsulationPultruded components have a low thermal conductivity, 1/250 of aluminium & 1/60 of steel.educes installation thickness. Eliminates condensation problems. Reduces energy operation requirements.Bulk head frames. Walk in refrigerator door jams. Window frames. Insulated roll up panel doors.
ConsolidationMany individual components can be combined into a large profile.Reduced assembly cost. Reduced inventory. Fewer parts improve reliability.Window latch supports. Roll up door
Dimensional StabilityPultruded components are highly resistant to warping stretch/swelling over a wide range of temperature & stresses.No permanent deformation under high stress. Close tolerances.Spring bumpers. Crossing gate arms. Scrubber components.
SafetyThe pultruded components are very strong & safe to work with. They are microbes and insect proof.Many gratings suffer from the problem of microbes etc. due to wet or unhygienic working conditions.This property makes them ideal choice for pharmaceutical & food industries.
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