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Fiber Tech is producing various pipes and fittings, which are suitable for a range of applications for chemicals, water, and effluents, seawater, and more. Being among the premium FRP/GRP pipe fittings manufacturers and suppliers, Fiber Tech engineers use different grades of resins (Vinylesters, Polyesters, Furanes, Epoxy, Phenolics). The pipes and fittings and other components are supplied with Thermoplastic liners. All the production is done under regulated environment and in the presence of supervisors. The entire range is developed and designed as per the demand and desires of the valued clients.

The R&D department
Our range of products and systems are the outcome of constant innovation and research and development. Our engineers have potential to deliver competitive products in the market, which are becoming more popular due to our modern and automated production facilities and quality standards.

We are clear about our mission that is to bring most sophisticated FRP/GRP range of products for global clients. Fiber Tech is the one stop shop for all your requirements related to Fiberglass cable trays, hand rails, gratings, structural supports, and ladders. We optimize design in order to reduce cost, speed order processing and on-time delivery.

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FTC should be globally recognized as most innovative and one of the top 10 in the field of composites by 2017.


Providing superior quality products and fulfilling all the commitments of customers on time to gain highest reputation in the market.

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